• 2014
    ResistAll Enters to The Turkish Market

    The ResistAll brand launched by Cal-Tex, one of the most successful companies in USA in terms of paint and upholstery protection, auto detailing and maintenance applications, began it’s operation in the Turkish market under the guarantee of Bayraktar Group.

  • 2011
    Cekmekoy ve Ankara branches were opened

    Bayraktar Otomotiv Cekmekoy and Bayraktar Otomotiv Ankara branches started their business in 2011.

  • 2009
    Istinye branch entered into service

    Bayraktar Otomotiv Istinye branch started its business in 2009.

  • 2009
    Infiniti comes to Turkey

    In 2009, Bayraktar Group started to sell worldwide premium automobile brand Infiniti in Turkey. 

  • 2008
    Izmir branch was opened

    In 2008, Bayraktar Otomotiv Izmir branch, the first retail sales and after sales service point of automobile brands within Bayraktar Group was opened.

  • 1997
    Baku Park Residence projects were completed

    Another Bayraktar Project in real estate development area, "Baku Park Residence" Project was completed in Azerbaijan, in 1997.

  • 1997
    Izmit Outlet Center was founded

    In order to enable retail brands to finish their stocks more rapidly, Turkey’s first outlet, “Outlet Center Izmit” was founded in 1997.

  • 1995
    An award presented by ICSC to Bayraktar, upon completion of Carousel Project

    In 1995, bringing innovation and convenient shopping opportunities together, "Carousel" project was finished and received the marketing award of '95 conferred by International Council of Shopping Centers (ISCS) in 1995.

  • 1995
    Turkey distributorship of Subaru was started

    In 1995, Baytur Motorlu Vasıtalar A.Ş. started to carry out Turkey distributorship of globally known brand Subaru.

  • 1995
    Turkey distributorship of Citroën was started

    In 1995, Baylas Otomotiv A.Ş started to carry out Turkey distribution and marketing of globally known brand Citroën.

  • 1991
    Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Project was completed

    The 5 star "Holiday Inn Crown Plaza" hotel Project was completed in 1991 within Atakoy Tourism Complex.

  • 1989
    Fame City Amusement Center Project was finalized

    In 1989, "Fame City Amusement Center" featuring Turkey's first bowling hall and ice skating rink, was completed within Atakoy Tourism Complex, and following Istanbul, another branch was opened in Izmir Hilton Center.

  • 1988
    Holiday Inn – Marina Project was completed

    Marina Project, still within Atakoy Tourism Complex, was completed in 1988 and inside the complex, the first ever privately owned marina "Atakoy Marina" Project was completed and awarded with 5 gold anchor.

  • 1988
    An award from ICSC to Bayraktar upon completion of Galleria Project

    In 1988, the first stage of Atakoy Tourism Complex was completed, and Turkey's first Shopping Center Project "Galeria" won the design award of '88 given by International Council of Shopping Centers (ISCS).

  • 1988
    Three hotel projects in Alanya region were completed

    In 1988, the Bayraktar Group completed real-estate development projects Turbay Tourism, Pasha Hotels and Kemal Bay Hotel projects in Alanya region, Antalya.

  • 1987
    Ege Fren was founded

    In 1987, Ege Fren Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş. was founded.

  • 1983
    Turkey Distributorship of Yokohama Tires was initiated

    In 1983, Baytur Motorlu Vasıtalar A.Ş. took the licensed Turkey distributorship of Japanese Yokohama Tires.

  • 1976
    Baytur was founded

    In 1976,  Baytur Motorlu Vasıtalar A.Ş. started its business.

  • 1974
    Ege Endustri was designed for manufacturing

    In 1974, Ege Endüstri ve Tic. A.Ş. was founded and designed to manufacture front, back, addition trailer, axle shaft, suspension systems and parts for commercial vehicles.

  • 1958
    The Bayraktar Group started into operation

    The Bayraktar Group started the business by trading automotive spare parts in Kayseri, in 1958.