The Bayraktar Group started in the automotive distribution business in Turkey in 1983, handling Yokohama tires. Afterwards, the Group added many important automotive brands to its portfolio. In 1995 it handled the distribution of Citroën automobiles in Turkey, part of the French PSA Group, which is a leader in Europe’s automotive sector. In 2019, The group returned back  the brand to PSA Group after 24 years of successfull distributorship.

Bayraktar Group managed the Turkish distribution of Subaru automobiles, following an agreement with Fuji Heavy Industries in 1995. The Group then added Japaneese automobile brand Infiniti to its portfolio in August 2009.

In 2014, the group added the US-based protective car coating company Cal-tex’s ResistAll brand to its portfolio.

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  • Subaru
  • Infiniti
  • ResistAll

Subaru is committed to creating automobiles that combine performance, driver safety, comfort and peace of mind, making it one of the most desired automobiles in Turkey and the world. Subaru is manufactured by Japanese Fuji Heavy Industries Co. (FHI) founded in 1917.

Fuji Heavy Industries made its mark on automotive history by developing leading technologies such as Symmetrical AWD and the Boxer engine. Today, the brand continues to develop and improve these technologies. 

The brand is committed to give each and every Subaru passenger comfort and enjoyment on the road, a range of proprietary technologies have been developed and fine-tuned, including the Horizontally-Opposed Engine and symmetrical AWD platform. Subaru has a solid position among the safest automobiles in the world.

Baytur Motorlu Vasıtalar A.S., one of the Bayraktar Group’s companies, added Subaru to its portfolio in 1995. The Bayraktar Group launches Subaru’s Forester, Outback, XV and BRZ models for automobile lovers, with professional sales and after-sales service prioritizing customer satisfaction.

The name “Subaru” is Japanese for the Taurus star constellation, which contains more than 250 stars. Of this group of stars, 6 can be seen with bare eyes. These 6 stars are known as 'guiding stars.'


Japanese automobile brand INFINITI offers challenging designs, premium quality,  advanced technology with inspiring performances. Infiniti Motor Company Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong with sales operations in over 50 countries. The brand’s range of premium automobiles are currently built in manufacturing facilities in Japan, the United States, United Kingdom and China. Infiniti was born in North America in 1989, launched in Europe in 2008. Today, Infiniti is in the middle of a major product offensive.  The brand has been widely acclaimed for its daring design and innovative driver-assistance technologies.

The Infiniti models are commercialized in the Turkish market by Bayraktar Group since 2009.


Manufactured with new-generation nanotechnology, ResistAll offers guaranteed protection against damages due to external factors in new vehicles when applied before joining the traffic and ensures that they remain as brand new as they were on the first day.

Vehicles protected by environment & human-friendly ResistAll products are not affected by sunlight, rain, industrial remnants, bird droppings and even acid rain for a long while.

Based in Texas, Cal-Tex is one of the top manufacturers of automotive protection products with its over 30 years-long experience. Today, as contracted supplier of globally renowned companies which own large vehicle fleets, Cal-Tex performs ResistAll applications at over 2,400 points in USA.

The brand ResistAll launched by Cal-Tex, one of the most successful companies in USA in terms of paint and upholstery protection, auto detailing and maintenance applications is now available in Turkish market under the guarantee of Bayraktar Group