As Bayraktar Group, we started our corporate volunteering project by asking our employees “ARE YOU IN?”

A total of 232 employees answered: “I AM ALL IN!”, and we decided to proceed with this motto. This great enthusiasm for volunteering excited us and encouraged us to introduce different projects quickly. Education was our employees’ most preferred field for volunteering opportunities, according to the survey we ran. Therefore, we initiated the Vocational High School Coaching Program in 2014. We will continue to develop further projects in different fields with our volunteers.



OSGD has been our guide;

Our partner in this project has been the Private Sector Volunteering Association (OSGD), an organization that has been working in the voluntary sector since 2002. The association aims to incorporate volunteering into the corporate culture of companies and to make it a part of private sector employees' lives.


Purpose of OSGD:

  • Ensuring that the companies choose the appropriate non-governmental organizations to cooperate with on volunteering projects,
  • Supporting voluntary participation of company employees into the projects, contributing to society,
  • Creating a dynamic relationship between wider society and the private sector,
  • Ensuring that company employees develop creative projects with non-governmental organizations,
  • Encouraging and developing a culture of volunteering in the private sector.